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CEYOND event tip: Meet.Greet.Eat in the data center at Interxion Austria

Virtual conferences, trade fairs and networking events have characterized the past year and a half – Covid19 ensured that organizers quickly became creative and also set up events in the digital space. In the fall of 2021, the first events will finally take place in “real life” again and we would like to recommend one of them to you today: “Meet.Greet.Eat” at Interxion Austria’s data center on September 9.

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Wissen ist Macht: Erfolgreiche Unternehmensführung mit Wissensmanagement

Knowledge is power: Successful corporate management with knowledge management

In this exciting expert interview, Martin tells us why knowledge management is the foundation of goal-oriented internal communication and leadership and how you can also use it efficiently in your own company. With his many years of experience as a management consultant and his specialized know-how in various industries and areas, such as IT, automotive, communication, sales, and finance, he provides valuable insights into efficient and effective knowledge management.

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5 Tipps wie Sie mit Zoho Projects 7 effizienter arbeiten können

5 Tips on how to work more efficiently with Zoho Projects 7

The usage of a consistent, intuitive, and customer-friendly software can essentially help to simplify the different work processes within a company. However, this alone is not enough to simplify the daily work. It also requires smart features that make more efficient working possible. For this very reason, we have summarized 5 features of Zoho Projects 7 in the following story that will make your daily working life a lot easier.

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Zoho One in investment consulting

As a highly competent wealth advisor, MEHRWERT & CO GmbH brings the invidual increase in value for each client to light. In the summer of 2020, the company turned to CEYOND GmbH. The goal was to gain additional value for its own company by using the professional CRM system Zoho.

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Passion for new business

Georg is passionate about discovering new business opportunities. He combines sensitivity for trends and entrepreneurial spirit and loves to create new business concepts and lead them to their realization. He works with executives and their teams to successfully support companies in their innovation activities.

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Why you should choose CEYOND as your Zoho partner

With Zoho, you’ve chosen a great product. However, choosing the right implementation and support partner is the deciding factor in how much you will be able to leverage Zoho’s standard potential and how much you will be allowed to customize and automate on top of that.

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Steuerung eines Shared Service Center

Ein Shared Service Center bringt viele Vorteile mit sich. Doch damit dieses optimal gesteuert werden kann, benötigt es zuerst ein tiefes Verständnis über den Ist-Zustand des SSC. Wir haben im folgenden Blog für Sie zusammengefasst, welche Methoden und Werkzeuge als Steuerungsinstrumente zu überprüfen sind.

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Our Consulting DNA

We at CEYOND agree: A company is not successful if it is only good in one particular area, but if all areas and processes mesh like Swiss clockwork and interact optimally. Digitization creates many opportunities in this regard. But at the same time, it also requires a new composition of the movement.

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Roadmapping and Masterplanning

Eine gute Strategie allein ist nicht viel wert – sie muss auch umgesetzt werden! Nach der Erarbeitung von Vision, Strategie und Mission ist es von entscheidender Bedeutung die festgelegten Ziele mit Maßnahmen zu hinterlegen. Nur so kann eine Zielerreichung ermöglicht und gewährleistet werden. Mit den CEYOND-Tipps gelingt das in Zukunft auch Ihnen!

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Project Management vs. Project Portfolio Management

Project management is probably a familiar term to everyone. This deals with the concrete realization of individual projects. Project portfolio management, on the other hand, is about deciding which projects should be realized at all and which roles or resources should work on them and when.

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Market analyses

Market analyses not only serve to compare services and providers, but also to detect trends and identify potential in the respective functions. They are thus an essential component for strategy development as well as for resource planning and allocation.

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Strategy for a shared service center

In a corporate environment, the strategy process of an internal service provider is exposed to several influencing factors. This results in far greater complexity for strategy development. The Shared Service Center plays a central and important role in this process.

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