Why you should choose CEYOND as your Zoho partner

With Zoho, you've chosen a great product. However, choosing the right implementation and support partner is the deciding factor in how much you will be able to leverage Zoho's standard potential and how much you will be allowed to customize and automate on top of that.

1. Regional

We are your central point of contact – on-site and with direct access. In addition, we have experience and routine in adapting Zoho standard software to regional conditions, such as legal requirements, local business scenarios or the correct processing of financial and tax data.

2.Authorized and certified

As an official and authorized Zoho partner in Austria, we take care of all your Zoho-related questions. We receive special producer trainings and have access to internal Zoho documentation. As a Zoho partner we can access support resources faster and more qualitatively. CEYOND’s Zoho consultants and developers are certified and have a wealth of experience from deployments and projects.

3. Bundle of competences from IT, Marketing and Consulting

We are experts in Zoho. In addition, we have an empathetic understanding of your business processes through our consulting expertise, can draw on comprehensive and in-depth industry know-how and understand how project complexities can be successfully “managed”. Our marketing services and clients also make us Zoho power users and create an intentional, ongoing change of perspective into professionalism. We understand your business and your “need”. In the end, our distinctive IT know-how enables us to carry out a confident implementation, to respond to your individual needs in the best possible way and, from time to time, to make feasibility limits more elastic than they were originally predicted – keyword: Beyond. In summary, a cocktail you should bet on!

4. Implementation power for innovation and exclusivity

Even the best standard software needs individual building blocks to enable integration into your application and system landscape. Furthermore, you need a high degree of individualization in certain areas in order to stand out from the competition with innovative and exclusive services. However, exclusivity is the “opposite” of standard. As a Zoho Marketplace Developer and experienced Zoho development partner, we can enable and implement even the last and important 5% of your requirements.  

5. Passion and conviction to product and solution

First was the personal need, then the business model. With the founding of the digital agency CEYOND, there was an immediate need for an integrated customer experience platform – for ourselves, but especially for our marketing and business development clients. We then very quickly evolved from user to expert, to partner and finally to service provider. From the beginning until today, from the intensive evaluation phase with over 60 competing products until now, we are convinced that Zoho is the best digitization tool for you in 99% of all use cases. More importantly, we enjoy using, developing and running Zoho applications every day.

6. Top price

To match Zoho’s low licensing costs, you also get great prices from us. Our high level of automation and our internal sourcing structure allow us to keep production costs low. Nevertheless, we are primarily focused on the impact in your business that is achieved by using Zoho products and implementing them. Our motivation to maximize the positive impact is our investment in a joint, sustainable partnership – and your guarantee to have chosen the right partner.


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