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"Steve Jobs would have hired us"

Steve Jobs fundamentally disliked working with consultants for one primary reason: they miss a key element in business development – learning from mistakes. 

Because consultants, Jobs once said, are typically brought in to give advice and make recommendations on a project, but don’t stick around to see the success or failure of their ideas, they only see part of the process.

We share Steve Jobs’ view. After all, you only learn a fraction of what you can learn if you only hold a process for a limited period of time and don’t have to take responsibility for it either.

If you want to help a company improve sustainably, you need a clear understanding of the entire value chain, and it makes sense to be involved and held accountable as a consultant for the entire duration of a project – from conception to implementation. This is the only way to gain deep insight, correct mistakes and learn from them.

That’s why we at CEYOND attach great importance to selecting consultants who have broad experience in implementing projects in companies – along the entire process chain and from different perspectives.

That’s why we are sure that – if CEYOND had existed back then – Steve Jobs would have hired us.

Our focus:
Creating added value for customers

CEYOND smartly combines expertise from IT, marketing and management to develop customized, innovative customer solutions. But we don’t just work closely with our customers in developing the solutions, we also work closely with them in implementing them: that’s what sets us apart. We cover all areas of the company and help our customers to set them up in such a way that they work together optimally.

Our more than 75 top senior consultants and experts cover a broad range of topics with extensive experience from a variety of industries. This enables us to put together the right team of consultants for each of your challenges to make you sustainably successful in the market.

For us, “side-by-side” is not just a buzzword – we live it every day in our collaboration with our clients. With every assignment, we enter into a sustainably oriented partnership with our customers. Because we always see ourselves as part of his team. Therefore, we have the highest motivation not only to accompany him in the short term, but to make him successful in the long term. Therefore, for us the cooperation does not end with a successfully completed order. We are always at our customers’ side, even beyond that.

Digital strategy

It is not enough for a company to be good in only one particular area. A company is only sustainably successful if all areas and processes mesh like Swiss clockwork and work together optimally. Digitization creates many opportunities in this regard, but also requires a new composition of the clockwork.

We work with you to develop the strategy for digitizing your company. As a result, you receive a clear implementation concept consisting of the strategic target image, the digitization roadmap and the digital master plan.

You will benefit from...

Change Management

In most cases, a digital transformation also triggers a major need for change in your organization. While digitization should be the purpose and driver of change, professional change support is needed for successful implementation.

After all, it is important to take your entire organization along with you during this transformation, and this requires a 360° view of the challenges ahead.

We support you with...

Project Management

Particularly for the pioneering path of digitization projects, qualified and experienced project managers are needed, equipped with leadership qualities but also appropriate social skills. 

We ensure that your projects are completed to the highest quality and to your complete satisfaction within the planned timeframe.

To achieve this, we go to the limits of feasibility for you – and sometimes even beyond!

You will profit from...


What our customers appreciate about our consultants is the quality and the added value they deliver in each of their projects. But what makes our hand-picked senior consultants & experts special beyond that is the fact that our clients enjoy working with them.

This increases the dynamics and the will to implement and thus the result. After all, we are only satisfied when we have jointly achieved the goals set with our clients. 

The experience background of our consultants is as diverse as the challenges of our customers. But they all have one thing in common: a passion for digitization.

Our successes speak for themselves. We would be happy to convince you of our expertise in a personal meeting. 


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