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The Logo

CEYOND was founded in 2017.

At first the CEOs of CEYOND Christoph and Tim wanted to name the company BEYOND but upon research they found out that BEYOND was used very frequently by other brands similar to their company.

They wanted to stand out and be foward so they chose to replace the first letter of BEYOND with the next letter – C. CEYOND.

With that, CEYOND shows uniqueness and fowardness through its brand. The logo is also supposed to reflect the nobleness of the company as well as being able to stand out from a crowd of competitors.

The Logo begins with the hidden letter B. However, the letter B is replaced with a C. That way it is easier to read. The other lettres are EYOND. All the letters together create the company name “CEYOND”.

This design was chosen because the name CEYOND will be read first. BEYOND will be read after looking at the logo for a longer timer. That way, BEYOND is a hidden word and message. 



In order to ensure consistency across our own and third party communications different versions of our logo are required. If possible it is always advised to use our primary logo (black logo with white background). 

However, if production restrictions impair the quality of our logo, refer to our white logo variant with black background as shown here. Use our single color variants when production quality is compromised or production techniques do not allow for our primary logo to be used, for example on small merchandising items.

Exclusion zone

To ensure the integrity and impact of our logo, we keep it prominent and clearly visible, by adding an exclusion zone.

This exclusion zone defines the minimum area of clear space around the logo and must be kept free of graphic elements.

We created a minimum exclusion zone that is equal to the width of the BC symbol within our logo.

In case of space restrictions, the exclusion zone can be reduced to 50% of the width of the BC symbol.

The Wordmark

The CEYOND logo is the most vital and visible element of our brand. It’s our trademark, identifying us as a noble, futuristic brand while upholding our services. It provides our customers and prospective customers with a guarantee of quality and excellence.

The logo comprises two elements; the CEYOND ‘wordmark’ and the ‘BC’ symbol.

In a written sentence, CEYOND is always written in capital letters.
Correct: CEYOND
Incorrect: Ceyond | ceyond

Color Schemes

Main Colors



The color black was chosen to reflect the nobleness.

Please use the main colors for frames and backgrounds.

Primary Colors




The primary colors are used for highlighting, hover effects and accenting like call2action buttons.

Text Colors



Please use the text colors for headers and content.






Additional to white.

Mono Colors





Use it for graphs and icons














Variety Colors









Gradient Main







Gradient Color











We chose to use Barlow as  our default font as it is comfortable to read and to present. 

Hereby, we are using two different types: Barlow Regular and Barlow Bold.

If we have a light background, we must use black color, and if we have a dark background, we must use white color.

The important words must be typed with primary blue. To recognize a Paragraph Title easily, use primary blue as a font color.

CEYOND has 2 fonts:
Enso is used in the logo. However, it was modified to fit the flow of the logo.
Barlow is used for everything else from our websites to our business cards.
Barlow conveys a futuristic feel and it comes in different sizes and styles.
Barlow Regular is used in paraghraps and subtitles.
Barlow SemiBold is used in Headers and Titles.

The typography in the logo was inspired by the font Enso but we personalized it for CEYOND. Enso is a decorative font that was created by tomtor in 2012.

Barlow is a slightly rounded, low-contrast, grotesk type family. Drawing from the visual style of the California public, Barlow shares qualities with the state’s car plates, highway signs, buses, and trains. This is the Normal family, which is part of the superfamily along with Semi Condensed and Condensed, each with 9 weights in Roman and Italic. The Barlow project is led by Jeremy Tribby, a designer based in San Francisco, USA.



Written: Everything up to the number 12 (twelve) will be written out in the continuous text.
This matrix system is based on the general used grammatical rule.
For any kind of graphics, forms, templates etc. we will use the normal number icon.

In written text: 8 = eight | 133 = 133
In figures: 8 = 8 | 133 = 133
between 1 and 100 (not between one and 100)


In all GERMAN contexts, use points in numbers of more than three figures such as 1.863 or 6.523.
In all ENGLISH contexts, use commas in numbers.

Correct: 1.000 (English 1,000)
Incorrect: 1000

Currency Symbols

For money related symbols, such as € (euro), $ (dollars), ¥ (yen or yuan), £ (pounds) – the symbol is written before the money amount. Make sure to always write euro. For invoices use the short cut: EUR

Correct: Euro 2.000
Incorrect: 2.000 Euros

Business Cards

The Business cards show the growth graph with the blue line. Each employee has their own QR code integrated into the business card along with their information.

On the back, the CEYOND logo is placed in the middle of the card. 


As we use rollups for presentations, we want to show our strenghts and how our prospective clients can benefit from working with us. 


The PowerPoint template is available in widescreen (16:9) format.

The PowerPoint consists of the following pre-defined page templates: a cover page, a slide page, an insert page, and an end page. Please ensure that you comply with the pre-defined template.

Slide Size

We are using thie slide size in wide screen 16:9 with 13.333-inch width and 7.5-inch height.

Almost all computer screens are wide screens, with the resolution aspect ratio of a television screen.  The current HD computer screens have a resolution of 1920 pixels in width by 1080 pixels in height.

This is the perfect slide size for presenting your content using modern widescreen projectors, LCD screens, TV screens, YouTube videos, and more.
Notice that the new default 16:9 slides look more rectangular than square.

Business Templates

Email Signature

The e-mail signature always must be  included when communicating via CEYOND e-mails.

Since there are two locations, there are two kinds of Email Signatures.

Letterhead / Word

The letterhead cover design has the BC symbol on the left side in combination with the logo on the bottom left side. Starting from the letter “O” there is a graph showing growth.

The letterhead page shows the logo on the top, continues with the information and ends with the paragraph section.

Inovice / Word

The invoice is going to be used for the payments of the brand. It will be easily filled in by using Excel.

The offer cover design shows the BC symbol on the left side and the logo is placed on the bottom left side. Starting from the letter “O” there is a graph showing growth.


The landing page consists of the graph going up and an abstract photo behind it. In the header, you can see our slogan WE MAKE YOU GROWTH and a button that sends the users to our solutions. The navigation bar is composed of the following points:

  • HOME
  • NEWS
The buttons are 50px in height and have a 30 px margin in both sides of the text. The effect for the primary button is the animation of a line under the text.
The secondary button is white with a black outline and black text. If you move your mouse onto it, the text becomes  blue.

Social Media

The profile picture for CEYOND is the same in all platforms since all of them require a square picture. There are two versions for each cover picture. One version shows the white logo on black background and the second version shows the black logo on white background. Each social media app has their own sizes as described next to the logos.

Our CEYOND instagram page features posts from our team members so each one has their own hightlight stories with their name.

What not to do with our brand

Incorrect Logo Usage

Incorrect Symbol Usage

What to do with our brand

Corporate Identity

We are a dynamic company based in Vienna, fully committed to the digital future -true to our claim “Beyond Digital”.

Our vision:We make our customers sustainably more successful with unique digital solutions.



We exceed expectations and goals




We achieve
our goals as a team




We live
People, Planet, Profit


News from the company


You’ve finally finished your studies and you’re off to CEYOND. But what are the obstacles? What is the digital marketing team like? Is onboarding going smoothly despite Corona? I answer all these questions as a “newbie” in the following blog post.


At CEYOND, sustainable action is a fixed part of the agenda. But how does the integration of sustainability into our routine work? We reveal this and why we are literally putting down roots in the process in the following article.


Under strict Corona measures the CIO event of the decade could take place. The CIO OF THE DECADE Award brought the best IT managers in German-speaking countries on stage! Christoph Schmutz, CIO of the CEYOND Group, was chosen as one of the proud winners in the community voting.

We are here for you with pleasure.

Do you have further questions or would you like to meet us personally?
Then leave us a short message and we will get back to you shortly.

Due to the current Corona situation, we are also available for a virtual meeting.