More profit
through digitalisation
of your pharmacy


your pharmacy for more customers online and in your local shop.


your digital presence to increase your reach and relevance.


a lot of new skills in Bing, Google and Facebook marketing.

Digital marketing for your pharmacy

This exclusive video is aimed at owners and marketing managers of pharmacies and healthcare facilities who are pursuing the following goals:

  • Maintain and increase business success in the digital age or secure it in the long term.
  • Strengthen and further expand the digital brand presence on Google and Facebook.
  • Add a web shop to the existing website and thus also be able to profit from online trade.

What awaits you in our video?

Secure digital market share

More and more pharmacies are taking the step towards digitalisation and have since been more successful than ever! However, digitalisation is a complex process. Pharmacies and healthcare facilities in particular are increasingly confronted with the challenges of digital transformation. The increasing competition from online pharmacies and the online distribution of over-the-counter medicines – since 2015 also by large ordering chains – is clearly noticeable and is putting pressure on local providers. But how can you counteract this competition?

We would like to show you tried and tested options.

These experts await you

Matthias Nebel M.A. - Head of Digital Marketing

Matthias Nebel

Head of Digital Marketing

Matthias is a digital marketing specialist with a particular passion for Google advertising, lead generation and analytics. With more than 5 years of experience, he has already worked for large B2B and B2C companies in the electronics or aviation sector.

Dr Wilhelm Schlagintweit - Digitalisierung der Seestadt-Apotheke

Dr. Schlagintweit

Co-Founder Seestadt-Apotheke

As a guest speaker, Dr Wilhelm Schlagintweit, a long-standing expert in the pharmacy industry, will report on the experiences and insights he has gained as a pioneering partner on the path to the digital pharmacy. 

Alexander Kapfhammer B.A. - Digital Marketing Consultant

Alexander Kapfhammer

Social Media Manager

Alexander is Facebook marketing and branding specialist at CEYOND and account manager at Seestadt Apotheke. He will demonstrate live the results from the project and give you tips for a successful implementation.

What the participants say

The online survey in the webinar showed: 82% of the participants are convinced that digital marketing has a huge impact on the business success of the pharmacy. We received the following ratings. We would like to thank all participants for this great feedback:


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Quotes from the webinar

When asked to describe the webinar in one sentence, we received the following responses from participants:

Very suitable for a first overview of the possibilities
Good webinar - digital marketing is actually quite practical and easy to implement
Excellent, only the technology limped a bit. Content and competence were top!
Great source of info to get you started, thanks!
Great introduction to the topic of Facebook and Goole - I'm curious and look forward to a sequel!
Perfect, if we weren't already customers, I would book you immediately 🙂
The webinar was a very timely illustration of how to integrate and consciously use "digital" in everyday pharmacy.

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