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As a highly competent wealth advisor, MEHRWERT & CO GmbH brings the invidual increase in value for each client to light. In the summer of 2020, the company turned to CEYOND GmbH. The goal was to gain additional value for its own company by using the professional CRM system Zoho.

The result: A successful collaboration and the continued smooth use of the Zoho One Suite and its modules Zoho CRM, Zoho Social, and Zoho Books. 

MEHRWERT & CO GmbH offers numerous services. In order to get a better overview and subdivision of the prospects and customers in the service target groups, a central CRM system has to be used. Additionally, the consulting company wants to manage all client data centrally by more detailed documentation. Furthermore, scheduling for the publication of social media posts and automated reports on the most important key figures are to be made possible. Finally, accounting, billing, and expense recording are to be digitally captured in one place. For these reasons, MEHRWERT & CO GmbH has decided to implement the comprehensive operating software Zoho with the support of CEYOND GmbH. 


MEHRWERT & CO GmbH is an Austrian company offering a wide range of services in the three areas energy, investment, and technology. Hereby, energy includes energy cost optimization of electricity and gas consumption. It also includes photovoltaic and solar systems for commercial and private customers. In the Invest division, investments are made in precious metals and real estate, for example. Financing such as consumer finance or vehicle leasing for private customers and fleet leasing and property development financing for companies are managed as well. Technology includes subject areas such as location consulting & hardware brokerage of ATMs and exchange software based on cryptocurrencies. Moreover, technical and economic consulting for the digitalization of SMEs is offered. 

 The variety of the consulting company’s service portfolio reinforced the need for a powerful CRM system. This should enable the digital mapping of business processes. In further consequence, this should lead to the increase of the enterprise’s efficiency. After professional consulting by CEYOND, MEHRWERT & CO GmbH decided to use the operating software Zoho in the version Zoho One. 


Zoho implementation and results

A specific needs evaluation indicated that the use of the CRM solution Zoho CRM, the social media management software Zoho Social, and the online accounting software Zoho Books was right for the wealth advisor. 

 In the beginning Zoho CRM, Zoho Social, and Zoho Books were fully implemented. The existing data was recorded correctly, to make the system ready to use. As part of the Zoho CRM setup, the organization and users were created. Furthermore, roles and rights were given to different people and relevant core settings were made. Afterwards, a fitting field structure for the module leads, contacts and accounts was developed and determined. After the existing customer data was recorded, the configuration of the deals pipeline and the creation of diverse workflows took place. In the first step, the social media management module Zoho Social demanded the connection of all relevant social media accounts. After that, a performance reporting of the social media postings was possible. The setting up of Zoho Books included the development of the tax rates and the configuration of tax preferences. The integration with the Zoho CRM module, as well as the import of the customer data also took place. Further on, services of the consulting company were created in the tool, transactions and bank statements were imported and extern programs connected. 

 The focus went to the employee training in the second phase, so that Zoho could be used in the whole company. CEYOND GmbH succeeded that successfully, because the MEHRWERT & GmbH is currently one of numerous self-employed and satisfied Zoho users. The company will still be supported by CEYOND with specific usage issues and the use of applications if necessary. 


How important is the CEYOND GmbH to you as a partner when using Zoho?

“The experts of the optimization are saying thank you for a comprehensive consultation and training in our digitalization project. A big thank you to CEYOND for the implementation of our processes, the migration of our data, and therefore the creation of a real added worth to us.” 

 Added regards from the managing directors of the MEHRWERT & CO GmbH, Marc Krahl & Georg Distl 

About us

We are accompanying you with our diverse expertise in digital marketing, consulting, IT-services through all digital challenges. We are also offering you tailored solutions in the fields of business development and CRM. 


We are your central contact person- on sight and with direct access. In addition, we have experience and routine in adapting Zoho standard software to regional framework conditions, such as legal requirements, local business scenarios or the correct processing of financial and tax data. 

 Bundle of expertise out of IT, marketing, and consulting 

We dominate Zoho. In addition, we have an emphatic understanding to your business processes through our consulting competence. Here, we can fall back to a comprehensive and profound branch knowhow and know how complex projects are successfully managed. Our marketing accomplishments and customers also turn us into Zoho power user and create a wanted, ongoing perspective change to the professionalism. We understand your business and your needs. Eventually, we can make a sovereign implementation through our distinctive knowhow and can react to your individual needs in the best way possible. Furthermore, we can also exceed certain technical limits and make them more flexible as originally predicted. Summarized, a cocktail you should bet on! 

Ambition and certainty to a product and solution 

First, there was the personal use, then there was the business model. With the founding of the digital agency CEYOND, the need to use an integrated customer-experience platform was immediately given – for ourselves, but especially for our marketing and business development customers as well. 


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