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With Zoho Through the Corona Crisis – Zoho One & Zoho CRM

Despite the first loosening of the anti-Corona measures in Austria, it is clear that the fight against the COVID-19 virus will continue. Companies of all types and sizes are severely affected and have been faced with considerable organisational and technical challenges since the outbreak of the epidemic. Zoho One comes to the rescue and offers an unique and powerful all-in-one solution that makes the management of companies easy even in difficult times.

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Steuerung eines Shared Service Center

Ein Shared Service Center bringt viele Vorteile mit sich. Doch damit dieses optimal gesteuert werden kann, benötigt es zuerst ein tiefes Verständnis über den Ist-Zustand des SSC. Wir haben im folgenden Blog für Sie zusammengefasst, welche Methoden und Werkzeuge als Steuerungsinstrumente zu überprüfen sind.

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Project Management vs. Project Portfolio Management

Project management is probably a familiar term to everyone. This deals with the concrete realization of individual projects. Project portfolio management, on the other hand, is about deciding which projects should be realized at all and which roles or resources should work on them and when.

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Market analyses

Market analyses not only serve to compare services and providers, but also to detect trends and identify potential in the respective functions. They are thus an essential component for strategy development as well as for resource planning and allocation.

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Strategy for a shared service center

In a corporate environment, the strategy process of an internal service provider is exposed to several influencing factors. This results in far greater complexity for strategy development. The Shared Service Center plays a central and important role in this process.

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