Say goodbye to impersonal communication: The Auto Gender Detection for Zoho CRM is here

The time input for the maintenance of databanks is enormous. Therefore many companies often give up on personal salutation, because their data sources don’t offer any information about their gender. We have come up with a solution for this exact problem: The Auto Gender and Salutation Detection Extension.
Zeit sparen mit der Auto Gender Detection für Zoho CRM

What do business cards, address books, registration forms or leads generated via webinars often do not give away? Exactly: The Gender. However, it is urgently needed in the daily communication with customers, partners, and other important stakeholders. There have been two ways for the determination of the gender so far. The exhausting maintenance of huge databanks or the complete abandonment of personal communication. We at CEYOND think, that both are not the right way to do it. This is why we found a solution for this issue: The Auto Gender and Salutation Detection Extension. 

Auto Gender Detection – but how?

Through our daily work, we have established a big data value and we want to use it as sustainable as possible. That was the foundation for the development of our Auto Gender Detection. Additionally, we have assumed that in 99 % of all cases the gender can be determined through the first name. We used this fact to our advantage and have added the right gender to the associated name. Furthermore, our extension has a self-learning routine by which new names are only unknown for the first time. After that, the system automatically remembers and can assign the right gender to each name. A significant feature here is that this works in every language.  

Zeit sparen mit der Auto Gender Detection für Zoho CRM

How are our customers profiting through that?

To set up the Auto Gender Detection based on the data from our customers, the consolidation and data enrichment takes place in the context of a migration for the import. Because our customers that use Zoho already share that data with us, the Auto Gender Detection is available for them for free and is included in our services. For all our customers that are using their own CRM-System, we can program their own extension if they wish so. As a result, our Gender Detection is available for everyone, regardless of which system is used. 

After the set-up of the expansion, contacts and leads can be chosen in the detail view, as well as in the listed view and the gender will be determined automatically. A special advantage occurs in the context of interfaces and web forms. In many cases, contacts and leads must be imported and created without any gender information. Our GSD-expansion implements a workflow that automatically adds missing gender information in the creation process. Because data protection is extremely important to us, only the first name, the gender and the country will be transmitted. For this reason, a specific personal reference per DSGVO is not given.  

Zeit sparen mit der Auto Gender Detection für Zoho CRM

The Key Features summarized:

  • Automatic data enrichment for the address 
  • Usage of first name, country and address 
  • Automatic Addition of the address in the creation of datasets  
  • Can be used manually in detail and listed view  
  • Applicable for contacts and leads 
  • Available in different languages  
  • Continuous improvement through self-learning algorithms   
Personal Addressing Automated
Auto Gender Detection for Zoho CRM
The first automatic gender recognition
for a CRM system - and it's free!

Save your precious time with data maintenance
and do not compromise on data quality.



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