Customer Story: Zoho One at Futurebuilt

Futurebuilt GmbH aims to support companies in the digital transformation and digitization of their business processes. In order to pursue this vision in the best possible way, the consulting company turned to CEYOND GmbH in the summer of 2020.

The customer relationship management had to be optimized. In the course of this, the managing director of the company, Alexander Ramseier, decided to use the Zoho One software solution. Currently, Zoho CRM, Zoho Books, Zoho Forms and Zoho Bookings are used for the digital mapping and control of various business processes.

For a long time, Mr. Ramseier has been striving to present the service portfolio of Futurebuilt GmbH in a clear and structured way. In doing so, his approach as “translator and bridge builder between technology and people” should be clearly in focus. For this, a new web presence seemed ideal to him. Furthermore, there was a need for a contact form for lead acquisition. This in combination with the need for an online appointment setting tool on the new website increased the interest in a high-performance CRM system. Thus, the entrepreneur’s overall goal is to use an interlocking system. This should not only save time through automation, but also significantly improve sales processes. Zoho One offers the ideal solution here.


About Futurebuilt

Futurebuilt GmbH was founded in 2014. It is an emerging consulting company with a big vision: to be the most successful, creative and groundbreaking consulting agency in the heart of Europe. Alexander Ramseier supports with his consulting work. Likewise, as a funding consultant, he helps companies with digital transformation and the digitalization of their business processes.

The consulting company is already well on its way to turning its grand vision into reality. The next steps require a new and expanded web presence. In the course of this, customer relationship management is also to be raised to a new level. Likewise, the business processes are to be digitized even further with an innovative software solution.


Implementation and results of Zoho One.

Together with CEYOND GmbH, Futurebuilt evaluated the company’s current situation and conducted a needs assessment. Based on this, the consulting firm decided on a multifaceted software solution. The modules Zoho CRM, Zoho Books, Zoho Forms and Zoho Bookings were used. 

In the first step, an organization was created in Zoho CRM and user and core settings were made. Next, a suitable field structure for the Leads, Contacts and Deals modules was developed and defined. In the third step, existing customer data was migrated from the previously used CRM system Salesforce to Zoho and data cleansing was performed. Based on this, the deals pipeline was configured and various workflows were created. Furthermore, CEYOND supported Futurebuilt in the integration between the Zoho CRM and the Zoho Books module. In addition, an invoice template design was created within the accounting tool. Furthermore, the data migration of old invoices and the development of a custom script for automatic invoice numbers for the two number ranges Switzerland and Austria took place. In the Zoho Forms module, six different web forms were created and integrated into the WordPress website. In addition, integration with CRM and tagging workflows was performed. In addition, Zoho Bookings enabled the integration of the appointment booking tool into the website, a link with Google Calendar, and the setup of mail automations.

The implementation of the Zoho One Suite and configuration of the individual tools brought positive results. Alexander Ramseier is now able to use the modules independently. He also optimizes various work processes in terms of time and cost efficiency. The time savings are particularly noticeable in invoicing. In addition, the switch from Salesforce to Zoho brought with it a significant reduction in costs. Zoho currently enables Futurebuilt GmbH to digitally map and manage appointment and contact requests in a categorized manner. The consulting firm’s customer relationship management has thus been revolutionized.


How important is CEYOND GmbH to you as a partner regarding Zoho One?

“I was a happy Salesforce user for years and never expected that one day a software would convince me more … and then CEYOND came and showed me the all-rounder Zoho!”

Alexander Ramseier
Managing director, digitalization expert and funding consultant at Futurebuilt

About the CEYOND GmbH

We accompany you through all digital challenges with our versatile expertise in digital marketing, consulting and IT services. In addition, we offer you customized solutions in the areas of business development and CRM.


We are your central point of contact – on site and with direct access. We also have experience and routine in adapting Zoho standard software to regional framework conditions, such as legal requirements, local business scenarios or the correct processing of financial and tax data.

Competence bundle of IT, Marketing and Consulting

We know Zoho. In addition, our consulting expertise gives us an empathetic understanding of your business processes. Furthermore, we can draw on extensive and profound industry know-how. We know how to successfully “manage” project complexities. Our marketing services and customers also make us Zoho power users. Thus, we create a deliberate, ongoing change of perspective into professionalism. We understand your business and your “need.” In the end, our strong IT know-how allows us to implement with confidence and respond to your individual needs in the best possible way. Furthermore, every now and then we can make feasibility limits more stretching than they were originally predicted. In summary, a cocktail you should bet on!

Passion and conviction for product and solution

First was the personal need, then the business model. With the foundation of the digital agency CEYOND, there was an immediate need to use an integrated customer experience platform – for ourselves, but above all for our marketing and business development clients.


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