Workshops by Ceyond - More Valuable Than Ever After the Lockdown!

Workshops by CEYOND

What exactly is a workshop? What kind of question, you might think, but this word is overused nowadays and often events are titled with it, which have only remotely something to do with it. We at CEYOND define a workshop as follows: Working in a group, on a task, outside of routine work/daily business. Especially the last point is very important to us, because innovative ideas can best be generated far away from the daily routine in a stimulating and above all new environment. 

The Right Workshop for Your Team!

CEYOND has the right workshop for every occasion and every team size and composition. In order to design this workshop, extensive onboarding about the status quo and a clearly defined goal is required! Based on this information, we develop an agenda individually tailored to the customer – from warm-up to interactive methods to wrap-up with concrete outputs according to the scheme “Who does what by when?”. This is the only way to guarantee that the results will reach far beyond the workshop and that all good intentions are followed by real action!

Co-Creation - When the Ideas Do Not Flow More

Idea generation is a creative process that is often given too little time and attention in everyday work. But we at CEYOND know: especially in the areas of social media and websites it is the high-quality and appealing content that captivates your customers and turns mere users into real prospects for your product or service. In our co-creation workshops we therefore use various brainstorming methods to replenish your content pipeline. Together with experienced workshop leaders, countless valuable ideas are created in a very short time!

Design Thinking - Innovations With Wow-Effect

The concept of Design Thinking is closely linked to that of agile organization. Common to both is the focus on the customer and his problems, which is to be solved by means of the services or products offered by the company. This perspective is new and unfamiliar to many, but with the necessary basic know-how and varied methods, the most amazing prototypes are often created in just one day of workshop. The prototyping phase, in which ideas are made vulnerable with materials such as plasticine and cardboard, is the heart and highlight of every design thinking workshop.

Would you like to bring a breath of fresh air, creative ideas and tangible projects into your team? We would be happy to advise you and design the CEYOND workshop that is ideally suited to you!