SEA – Brand Bidding on Your Own Brand Name! Does That Make Sense?

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SEA - Brand Bidding

SEA - Brand Bidding on Your Own Brand Name! Does That Make Sense?

SEA Brand Bidding

To give a clear answer to the question about Google search ads on your own brand in advance: “Yes, brand bidding on your own brand always makes sense! But why actually? I will explain in this article and also go into detail about the individual points. But in any case, the following reasons speak for investing advertising budget for Google Search Ads on your own company name:

  • Extremely cheap with click prices in the cent range
  • It is a fire defense measure
  • Clear, quickly adaptable and targeted communication of the corporate message
  • Uniform appearance on SERPs along different search engines

For those who are still not convinced, I will gladly go into more detail on the individual points. However, if you already know that it makes sense for your own company, but still need professional help or feedback for the implementation, you might click here immediately:

Very Low CPCs / Click Prices on Own Brand

One thing is clear: Nobody is as relevant to your brand or company name as you are. That’s why the relevance factor for such keywords is immensely high without having to take great measures on the website. Due to this high so-called quality score, clicks in the cent range can be achieved. Many entrepreneurs do not know that Google is first of all about relevance and only in the second stage about the bid one is willing to spend for a keyword.

Brand Defense - So You Can Be Noticed When Other Companies Bid on Your Own Brand

Imagine a competitor standing in front of the entrance door of your company and yelling in the face of every incoming potential customer or employee that they could drop in on the competitor. Do you really want that? Very clever Search Engine Advertising specialists (SEA) can even use smart remarketing lists to prevent these attacks from being played off against your own search queries. When bidding on your own brand, however, Google provides a detailed competitor report where you can see exactly which competitors or partners are bidding on your brand and defend it.

Because of the Corporate Communication

Unlike Search Engine Optimization (SEO) which is more of a marathon than a sprint like SEA, the Google Bot sometimes takes a long time to update the indexed structures of your website. This leads to the fact that the presentation of your company can be outdated or even incorrect. With the help of cost-effective ads on your own brand, content, sitelinks, additional information and offer extensions can be adapted in real time. This flexibility is an enormous gain compared to the costs because your users, who are already familiar with your brand, receive the information you want to give to your most important customers in a clear and targeted way.

Google, Bing And Other Search Engines - But A Unified Site

Google has a market share of more than 90% in Austria, but this does not mean that the remaining 10% cannot also be valuable. Especially because other search engines can produce even lower click prices with even less effort and this also leads to a uniform appearance. For example, Bing has a partnership with search engines like DuckDuckGo or Ecosia which are popular because of their additional services like planting trees with every search query and are becoming more and more popular. An automatic synchronization between Google and other search engines ensures that the same clear and structured communication measures appear on all search engines and can also be processed in real time.

If you are still not convinced or have questions about the process and implementation, we offer a free 30 minute telephone appointment to analyze and evaluate your current situation.

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