Digitise Pharmacies: The Seestadt Pharmacy as a Pioneer

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Digitise Pharmacies

Digitise Pharmacies: The Seestadt Pharmacy as a Pioneer

Digitise Pharmacies

A website has become the digital shop window and the heart of every company’s online presence – and this certainly also applies for pharmacies. These days, pharmacies are increasingly confronted with the challenges of digital transformation. This is where CEYOND comes to the rescue.

Digital Pharmacy vs. “Pharmacy at the Corner"

The increasing competition coming from online pharmacies and the distribution of medicines by large mail order chains is clearly noticeable. However, customers still appreciate personal advisory services provided by trained pharmacy staff on site and many people remain skeptical about ordering medicines online. The implementation of an own webshop helps pharmacies to reach all target groups and to offer them additional advantages. However, a new website and the establishment of an online shop is by no means sufficient – the (potential) customers must first learn about the range of products and the advantages. This is where digital marketing comes in!

Pharmacy Marketing: Digitise or Lose

Some people may now ask themselves “Why do pharmacies need digital marketing at all?”. In the age of digitisation, the pharmacy market must exploit the potential of new technologies, establish new communication channels for efficient customer retention and new customer acquisition, and thus face the challenges of modern pharmacy business.

Digital marketing measures not only promote the acquisition of new customers and retention of existing customers, but also relieve the pharmacy staff in their daily work. The use of CRM systems in fact facilitates the administration of customer data, offers several possible uses for patient information and enables cooperation with various brands. With their own website and an implemented web shop, pharmacies can also present the special features of in-house products. Digital channels such as Google and social media additionally be used to target customers in the catchment area. The outcome of these and other possible online measures: a high market attractiveness and a strong competitive position.

Seestadt Pharmacy as a Pioneer in Digital Marketing

The Seestadt pharmacy in Vienna took the step into digitisation together with CEYOND and has since become more successful than ever. Our company supports the pharmacy in the implementation of digital marketing measures and helps to optimize the online presence of the business. From content creation and Google Ads, to marketing automation and corporate identity – CEYOND has a lot to offer for the pharmacies of the future. Do not forget: Every pharmacy is different and has its own special expertise and target groups – marketing must therefore be tailor-made and appropriate in order not to lose authenticity! This is why we at CEYOND respond to the individual requirements and needs of every single pharmacy and its customers.

We also want to meet your requirements and needs. Please feel free to contact us for further consultation without obligation!

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