Beyond CSR: We Make Your Business Boom and Trees Bloom

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Beyond CSR: We Make Your Business Boom and Trees Bloom

Corporate Social Responsibility – the possibility of linking entrepreneurial and social activities. How do you implement social and ecological responsibility effectively in everyday business life? CEYOND is now leading the way and giving every customer a piece of the future.

First stop: Mexico

A proverb from Uganda says: “The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago. The next best time is now.” That is why CEYOND is now starting and planting a tree in Mexico for each of the participants in our recent customer satisfaction survey. We make a tree donation for each customer to the “Plant For The Planet” project , which, together with companies, states and organizations, plants trees worldwide and thus makes a contribution to climate protection.

As a future partner of “Plant For The Planet” we want to take our corporate responsibility seriously and support the planting project in the long term through our commitment. Together with our customers, we will help to reforest the planting area on the Yucatán Peninsula in the Gulf of Mexico, thus moving one step closer to a CO2-neutral future.

78 satisfied customers? 78 planted trees!

Our customer satisfaction survey not only enables us to increase our corporate social responsibility and implement sustainable measures, but also gives us a valuable insight into the satisfaction of our customers. 78 survey participants took advantage of the opportunity to make a contribution to environmental protection and also to help us become even better with their feedback.

The results of the customer satisfaction analysis show CEYOND’s customers are satisfied customers. 90 percent of our customers are enthusiastic about our services and would definitely recommend them to friends or acquaintances. We now increase the almost 100 percent satisfaction of our customers once again by handing over the most sustainable gift ever: a tree certificate for their personal climate protector planted by us.

Next stop: Waldviertel

Climate change has also arrived in the Austrian forests. Consequences of the climate crisis, storm damage and the bark beetle infestation are affecting the forest in Austria. To strengthen the local ecosystem in Austria, CEYOND will be going to the Waldviertel from February. In the market town of Langau near Geras we will plant CEYOND trees together with the mayor Franz Linsbauer, who is responsible for the community forest and its forestry. Not only every new customer, but also newcomers to our company will be dedicated to trees in the Waldviertel in the future.

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