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Personal Addressing Automated
Auto Gender Detection for Zoho CRM
The first automatic gender recognition
for a CRM system - and it's free!

Save your precious time with data maintenance
and do not compromise on data quality.

Find the best CRM-Software
for your business

Auto Company Detection for CRM

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In the case of our digitization project for VOICE, a number of challenges became apparent in advance: the demands of top CIOs, the tight budget of an association, and the time constraints of annual billing at the beginning of the year. In summary: It had to be good, fast and cheap - and CEYOND delivered!


The usage of a consistent, intuitive, and customer-friendly software can essentially help to simplify the different work processes within a company. However, this alone is not enough to simplify the daily work. It also requires smart features that make more efficient working possible. For this very reason, we have summarized 5 features of Zoho Projects 7 in the following story that will make your daily working life a lot easier.


The time input for the maintenance of databanks is enormous. Therefore many companies often give up on personal salutation, because their data sources don’t offer any information about their gender. We have come up with a solution for this exact problem: The Auto Gender and Salutation Detection Extension.