When customer satisfaction bears leaves

Customer satisfaction - probably the most important quality feature of a company. Of course, many entrepreneurs claim that the source of their success is a high-quality service or a great product, because this is what drives customers to buy. We at CEYOND are of a different opinion, because our flagship are the customers themselves. For this reason it is very important for us that our clients are more than just satisfied. CEYOND's latest customer satisfaction analysis confirms this and shows: Our customers love us.

Participate and do good

In December 2019 we conducted a customer satisfaction survey and asked our customers to rate CEYOND. We asked them about the cooperation with our company, our employees and consultants, but also about their satisfaction with our services. 78 customers took part in the customer survey and thus told us what we do well, how well we do it and how we can do it even better. Therefore we would like to thank once again the participants of the customer satisfaction survey! But that’s not all – as an additional thank you we planted a tree on the Yucatán Peninsula in the Gulf of Mexico for each person who participated. We not only want to satisfy our customers, but also make a positive contribution to the environment.

The customer as a sales partner

One key figure that is of great importance to us is the Net Promoter Score (NPS). It measures the willingness to recommend CEYOND to others. The result of the survey shows: Our customers are our best sales partners. 92% of them would definitely recommend us to their friends and colleagues at the earliest opportunity. Thus, our satisfied customers act as the growth engine of our company and its success.

"Modern, committed, innovative!"

If you have customers who recommend you to others, you obviously want to know what they have to say about your company. In order to find out what our customers think about us, we asked them to describe CEYOND in just one sentence. With numerous positive and interesting statements about our company, the participants of the customer satisfaction analysis delighted us and thus once again confirmed their high satisfaction and solidarity with CEYOND.

  • Competence and humanityin harmonious unison.”
  • “CEYOND is an excellent agency that provided us great quality of work and of services.
  • “Innovative, out of the box, effective!”
  • “CEYOND to me means expertise at the highest level, delivered by experts with top social skills.”
  • One step ahead.

High-quality services from reliable 5-Stars employees

According to the participants of the survey, the remarkable results of the conducted customer satisfaction analysis are not only the result of an extraordinarily good cooperation between our customers and employees, but also of a successful collaboration with our qualified consultants. Moreover, CEYOND is especially appreciated by our customers for the high quality of the services offered. 90% of the survey participants are sure: Our services meet their requirements to a very high degree. They describe them as high-quality (95%), practical (89%) and reliable (97%). Our customers are particularly interested in the services “Social Media Marketing”, ” Digitalization Projects” and “IT Projects”.

We would like to thank the participants of the survey very much for the positive feedback and are always striving to make our customers happy. Thus we are looking forward to a further successful cooperation through which we can satisfy you!


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