Sustainability at CEYOND

At CEYOND, sustainable action is a fixed part of the agenda. But how does the integration of sustainability into our routine work? We reveal this and why we are literally putting down roots in the process in the following article.

Our ecological measures – our responsibility

This year, we set ourselves ambitious CO2 reduction goals at CEYOND! We are happy that we were able to achieve these goals by planting a tree for every person participating in our customer satisfaction survey. After all, we don’t just want to please our customers, we want to make a positive contribution to the environment as well. 

Trees are the most valuable oxygen and CO2 reservoirs in the world! To this day, CEYOND has already planted 528 trees on the Yucatán Peninsula in the Gulf of Mexico together with the international children and youth initiative “Plant-for-the-Planet.” “Stop talking. Start planting.”– is the motto of Plant-for-the-Plant. 

The now international organization has set itself the goal of planting 1,000 billion trees. This will help to drive the conversion and storage of carbon dioxide forward. If this goal is achieved, the trees planted can absorb a quarter of human made CO2. 

2020- The reforestation of the forest in the Waldviertel!

In order to strengthen the local, regional tree population, CEYOND is planting a forest in the Waldviertel in cooperation with mayor Ing. Franz Linsbauer. This has a considerably positive effect on climate and nature protection. It is particularly important for us to counteract the current bark beetle plague, as it is a terrible threat to the local forest. 

In the past, almost only monocultures were planted. For this reason, our afforestation here makes an important contribution to raising awareness of biodiversity. Thanks to functioning forests, temperature peaks can be avoided, the microclimatic water balance is improved, and erosion is reduced. At the same time, the reduction of open forest areas prevents evaporation and creates a filtering effect of rainwater through the forest floor. Due to its proximity of the village, the forest also serves as a relaxing area for walks and hikes. 

The trees we plant today will not only benefit us, but above all our children and grandchildren will profit from it. In order to be able to offer them a livable and sustainable perspective, we must now counteract the current forest death and shape nature for the future. This is a matter of particular concern to me personally. I am very pleased to have found such a professional and sympathetic supporter and implementation partner in CEYOND. Franz Linsbauer- Mayor of Langau in the Waldviertel region.

Economic action in the CEYOND company’s daily routine

In our daily operations and in our sales-related strategy we attach great importance to the balance between economic added value and ecological factors. We have intensified digital work to reduce the need of printing. For example, flipchart and printer paper are now very rarely part of our everyday work. Furthermore, some colleagues already use the sustainable “Google” alternative “Ecosia” as their standard search engine. This plants one tree per search term. 

We are also particularly proud of the fact that the CEYOND fleet has already been converted to 100% CO2 neutral electric cars by the end of the year. 

Social sustainability as a living corporate value

At CEYOND, social sustainability stands for a positive development. Above all, the development of our employees and stakeholders is our top priority. Their satisfaction, training and loyalty are crucial factors for the success of the company. To ensure these factors, we have implemented various social sustainability measures. These include the introduction of flexible working models, friendly offices and lounges, and a range of team-building activities, such as a shared Friday breakfast and regular table tennis competitions.  

Our conclusion:

“Sustainability at CEYOND!” This corporate development not only brings internal benefits, such as better competitiveness or resource savings, but also considers the needs of today’s generations. 

We want to show a balance between digitalization and ecological factors – “Beyond Sustainable.” 

Sustainability is an ongoing process… Therefore, we at CEYOND strive for a continuous process optimization in our company and would like to improve even further in the point of CSR. Alexander Kampfhammer Digital Marketing Consultant and CSR Manager at CEYOND

We have already set further “green” measures and goals for 2021. We undoubtedly want to implement these in the best possible way so that we continue to operate sustainably and successfully! Because one thing is certain: Only sustainable action brings sustainable success! 

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