ZOHO INSPIRE: Training at the Partner Summit in Utrecht

This year the ZOHO INSPIRE Partner Summit took place in Utrecht (NL), near Amsterdam. As a Zoho expert at CEYOND I couldn’t miss this opportunity. The participants were all officially authorized ZOHO – partners and were mixed internationally, mainly from Europe.

The event lasted two complete working days, each from 8:30 am to 6 pm, during which I could choose from 4 different certificates: Zoho CRM, Zoho Projects, Zoho Analytics and Zoho Desk.

Day 1: Zoho Projects Certification

In a small group of 6 participants, we worked together with Kiruthika Vasudevan, one of the Zoho-Projects core developers, on various use cases of project management.

Worldwide, 1 million users currently use Zoho Projects on a total of 10,000 portals, which corresponds to about 10,000 companies.

At the end there was a 60-minute review where I passed as the best and was allowed to pick up the title “Zoho Projects Certified Associate”.

Day 2: ZOHO CRM Certification

Together with about 30 participants we were welcomed by the speaker Sandeep B. P., who gave us an all-encompassing insight into Zoho CRM. It was a fast-paced presentation with a huge amount of information, partly due to the fact that the course is usually divided over 3 days, but here it was summarized in one day.

During the course I once again became aware of the infinite range of functions Zoho CRM offers. Even course participants who have been using Zoho CRM for several years had some light-bulb moments.

The final examination “CRM Level 2” consisted of complex detailed questions, which were aimed at concrete use cases. I finished with the best marks and received the award “Zoho CRM Certified Administrator” on the second day.


I really enjoyed talking to other “Zohologists” about their use of Zoho and was able to broaden my perspective as well as initiate new collaborations.

I found the short digressions of the speakers particularly inspiring, in which they were able to give us a better understanding of how Zoho came into being. The origins of Zoho in the south of India as well as the Zoho success story have left a lasting impression on me.

Zoho has over 50 million users worldwide, is 100% self-financed and continues to grow strongly as more and more companies discover its competitive advantages and switch to Zoho.

I am already looking forward to the next Partner Summit.

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