Zoho INSPIRE: Training at the Partner Summit in Utrecht

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Zoho INSPIRE: Training at the Partner Summit in Utrecht

This year the Zoho INSPIRE Partner Summit took place in Utrecht (NL), near Amsterdam. As a Zoho expert at CEYOND I couldn’t miss this opportunity. The participants were all officially authorized Zoho partners and were mixed internationally, of course mainly from Europe.

The event lasted two complete working days, each from 8:30 – 18:00 o’clock, during which I could choose from 4 different certificates: Zoho CRM, Zoho Projects, Zoho Analytics and Zoho Desk.

Day 1: Zoho Projects Certification

In a small group of 6 participants, we worked together with the lecturer Kiruthika Vasudevan, one of the Zoho-Projects core developers, through various project management use cases.  

Worldwide, 1 million users currently use Zoho Projects on a total of 10,000 portals, which corresponds to about 10,000 companies.

Certified Associate

At the end there was a 60-minute review in which I passed as the best and was awarded the title “Zoho Projects Certified Associate”.

Day 2: Zoho CRM Certification

Together with about 30 participants we were welcomed by the lecturer Sandeep B. P. gave us a comprehensive insight into Zoho CRM. A fast-paced presentation with an enormous amount of information, which was partly due to the fact that the course is normally divided over 3 days, but here it was summarized in one day.

During the course, I once again became aware of the infinite range of functions Zoho CRM offers. Even course participants who had been using Zoho CRM for several years had a few aha-moments.

Certified Administrator

Die Abschlussprüfung „CRM Level 2“ bestand aus komplexen Detailfragen, die auf konkrete Anwendungsfälle abzielten. Ich schloss mit Bestnoten ab und erhielt am zweiten Tag die Auszeichnung „Zoho CRM Certified Administrator“.


I enjoyed exchanging views with other “Zohologists” about their use of Zoho and was able to broaden my perspective as well as initiate new collaborations.

I was especially inspired by the short digressions of the speakers, in which they were able to give us an understanding of the history of Zoho. The origins of Zoho in the south of India as well as the Zoho success story so far have left a lasting impression on me.

Zoho has over 50 million users worldwide, is 100% self-financed and continues to grow strongly as more and more companies discover the competitive advantages and switch to Zoho.

I am already looking forward to the next Partner Summit.

Fabian Gan
Digital CRM Consultant

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