Webinar Without Risks and Side Effects

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Digitise Pharmacies

Webinar Without Risks and Side Effects - Pharmacy 4.0

Digitise Pharmacies

On June 25th a CEYOND webinar on the subject of “Pharmacy 4.0” was successfully held! In packed one and a half hours, the participants – pharmacists, marketing managers and employees of various health care institutions – received a well-founded introduction into the world of online advertising, followed by the opportunity to answer open questions in the plenum.

Tips From Digital Pioneer Dr. Wilhelm Schlagintweit

The webinar kicked off with an interview with Dr. Wilhelm Schlagintweit, co-owner of the Seestadt-Apotheke and a visionary in the field of Pharmacy 4.0. In a large-scale digitalisation project, he was able to generate many new customers for his pharmacy and increase his reach by means of an online shop, delivery service, Facebook presence as well as Google and Facebook advertising. He shared his experiences with the audience and clearly emphasized the importance of digital transformation for pharmacies.

Successful Pharmacy Advertising on Facebook ​

In the first practical unit, CEYOND expert Alexander Kapfhammer led step by step through the development of a Facebook advertising campaign. The selection and correct delimitation of the desired target group is of particular importance, especially if regional persons in the catchment area of the pharmacy are to be addressed. There were also some insider tips to take away in terms of image material and text design. So there was something for everyone – from Facebook newcomers to the experienced ad counter.

With the Right Keywords to Efficient Google Advertising

Nowadays you can hardly avoid the search engine giant Google if you want to be successful online. All the more interested the participants listened to the lecture of Matthias Nebel, Head of Digital Marketing at CEYOND, who explained the best strategy for Google Ads. This is about bidding on the appropriate keywords to appear at the top of the search results of potential customers’ queries. The selection of the right parameters is also critical for success in Google advertising!

We are very pleased about the great interest in our webinar and also about all the questions that reached us during and after the event! We have noticed that the topic is more topical than ever before, especially in these times like these, and we are already planning further webinars for the near future. Sign up for our newsletter and we will always inform you in time about planned events.

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