Auto Gender and Salutation
Detection for Zoho CRM

Eliminate the need to maintain lead and contact information.

The Gender and Salutation Detection Service automatically identifies information based on first name.


The extension helps you to reduce the effort for contact maintenance and improve the data quality.

Based on the first name and country of origin, the gender and form of address can be determined automatically in almost all cases. And this is exactly what we do for you.

You can select contacts and leads in both the Detail View and the List View and have their gender determined automatically.

A special advantage is provided in connection with interfaces or web forms. In many cases, contacts and leads without gender information must be imported and created (e.g. newsletter subscribers). The GSD Extension implements a workflow that automatically adds missing gender information when creating.

Data protection is important to us. Only the first name, gender, and country are transmitted. Thus there is no concrete personal reference according to GDPR.

The GSD service is self-learning and is continuously improved through application and distribution in the community.