Review of the first CEYOND Global Meeting – GTM2020

In mid February 2020 CEYOND invited for the first time to the Global Team Meeting in Gjilan, Kosovo. Thanks to a steady increase of employees at both locations in Vienna and Gjilan as well as intensified cooperation in 2019, this meeting “in personam” was a logical and important consequence. All topics, workshops and presentations of the 3-day meeting were focused on team building, professional exchange and getting to know all employees personally.

Getting to know each other personally as a basis for constructive cooperation

After the team from Vienna was warmly welcomed by the Kosovar colleagues on the first afternoon, a lot of time was invested in a detailed get-to-know-each-other round. In addition to the classic components of a personal introduction, the question of the hitherto unknown hobbies and interests of the individual employees was also asked. In this way the ice could be broken quickly. A short and concise presentation of the global CEYOND strategy followed, followed by an exercise in which two teams worked on common goals. All participants were able to end the evening with a meal together with traditional Kosovar specialities such as “Flia” and “Skanderbeg”.

The next day started with a typical CEYOND workshop. After some brainstorming exercises on the topic “Common Values and Working Methods”, two teams independently of each other worked out similar “Values” and goals. In the next exercise we visualised internal communication and information processes and their course through the organisation by means of a simple wool thread and real examples. This exercise clearly showed bottlenecks and gave all participants a uniform understanding of our processes. The program was rounded off by a joint learning session for our latest project management tool, which was used to develop and map a new project.

In addition to developing this content, the program also included getting to know the country with its culture and landscape. We visited the medieval castle ruin Novo Brdo and took a walk through the capital Pristina. Afterwards we had dinner together again.

Conclusion: Remote works, but can hardly compensate for personal relationship building!

The Global Team Meeting showed one thing above all: even before the meeting, all CEYOND employees had the same values, needs and demands regarding their work, both in terms of processes, prioritisation and quality standards. Even though we all communicate with each other daily via Microsoft teams, there is nothing like a personal meeting to ensure an intensive exchange and good cooperation. We are all very much looking forward to our next meeting!

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