Marketing gone wrong: 8 faux pas to be avoided at all costs (Pt. 2)

In the second part of our series on the most frequent marketing faux pas, we have already highlighted a few of the usual pitfalls of one’ s own online and social media presence. Far too often, even among so-called marketing professionals, some mistakes that could easily be avoided remain an integral part of the marketing repertoire. Even if these are often alleged trivialities: Some of them can annoy or even discourage potential as well as existing customers along the customer journey. In order to make the user experience as pleasant as possible, it is important to address them in detail and avoid them in the future.

#5 The other kind of customer retention

Long navigation paths definitely ensure excellent customer loyalty. In this way, potential customers will surely stay on your website longer…

Customer retention is definitely important and should be the side effect of a good user experience. But how can this be achieved?

Don’t: It’s best to bombard your website visitors with as many options as possible and come up with a sophisticated navigation system to keep them on your site as long as possible. Incredibly complicated and time-consuming navigation paths will ensure that visitors stay busy for a while and can build an intimate relationship with your business!

Do: Guide your visitors really straight through your website and make it easy to determine where they are going to find which information. If you want your visitors to interact with your site in a certain way, you should use CTAs and other signs to direct them directly to the conversions. To make sure you are on the right path: funnel and click path analysis is a good way to find out where users usually stumble and leave a website. A/B tests and mouse and gaze recordings provide information on whether the structure of your website matches user behavior.

#6 Always first place on Google!

Always try to rank with corresponding keywords to the concrete search inquiry of your customers – even if you offer something completely different!

Don’t: It doesn’t really matter which products you offer, as long as you appear as high as possible in as many search queries as possible and your website is found. True to the motto “Apples are pears”, you should definitely rank among the concrete search queries of the users or with the keywords that are currently trending. It doesn’t matter if your offer covers the same product category or not. After all, it may be possible that the potential customer will notice what he really wants as soon as he visits your website!

Do: By doing so, you may attract many visitors to your website. But they won’t stay there for too long if they notice that your site doesn’t match the search. Beside immensely high bounce rates and a probably empty shopping cart, you will certainly not be remembered positively – if at all. If you use ads, you will certainly blow up some budget to no avail by undifferentiated keyword use.

Our tip: Focus on transactional and specific keywords instead of general ones. In the case of brands, the concrete product designations are crucial. Try to rank exactly in the niche you are in. In the long run, you’ll be more likely to convince the right people of your offer.

#7 Lead magnets for the masses – be the hit at trade fairs!

Use as much budget as possible on free give-aways that have nothing to do with you or your company. The main thing is to attract the masses!

Don’t: If you are organizing an event or you are represented at a trade fair, you have to attract attention and offer the visitors something extraordinary. Since it’s hard to get excited about your product and services, you should definitely distract attention from it, right? How about having a hot dog stand or a popcorn machine, for example? Of course you have to provide this free of charge to all fair visitors – so your stand becomes the biggest traffic magnet.

Do: Rather convince with your competence and with marketing measures tailored to your offer. Qualified and valuable prospective customers don’t come for free give-aways or popcorn, but ideally because of you and your expertise. Goodies that are suitable for you can be a nice by-product if they are suitable, but should certainly not be the main focus of attention.

#8 Positioning as an all-rounder

Position yourselves as experts for everything. The more, the better. Customers should have the feeling that they are dealing with a true professional.

Don’t: Instead of having an empty-looking website or product range, you should upgrade your company profile with all sorts of skills and abilities that are similar to the current ones. Probably it’s all the the same anyway and if not, nobody will notice that. More is more in this case. People should see that you have an all-encompassing and broad knowledge in your field and already a lot of experience.

Do: One can compare this well with the following train of thought: If you have the choice between an Italian who only offers pizza and pasta and an Italian who has Asian, Indian and Oriental dishes on his menu in addition to pizza and pasta – which one would you rather eat at for reasons of authenticity? Exactly.

The train of thought is similar for most of the people online. Before you position yourself as an expert for everything and nothing and have to juggle with half-knowledge, you should specialize in something and work it out nicely in your web presence. The likelihood to be perceived as authentic is definitely higher than the chance to be seen as a hot-air merchant and “all-rounder”.

All in all there is, as always, a lot you can do wrong – especially from the customer’s point of view. Therefore, you should always put yourself in the position of a user or simply ask yourself what you are annoyed about most of the time. Potential customers are gone faster than you can say “A and B” – you should never forget that. It is also important that you really align all marketing measures with your goals and that you regularly question whether the means used really serve the purpose. Many ways lead to Rome and at least just as many into a dead end – that much is certain!

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